Ask THE Google

What comes to mind when you hear “SEO?”

Most would answer KEYWORDS!

SEO and keyword is often nerve inducing for us content creators who don’t have “SEO” or “keyword” in their job titles.

Good news!

Keyword is only one piece of the SEO puzzle.

You don’t need to be a whiz Circles in the ever-changing Google algorithm or re-researching a mile-long long-tail keyword spreadsheet every month to win the organic traffic game.

Stuffing a piece of content with keywords no longer works as Google is getting smarter and evaluating various components in a piece of content to determine its relevance and ranking.

The various factors that contribute to good SEO also makes for good content consumption by HUMAN BEINGS.

If you look at the most popular white-hat approaches for driving organic traffic, such as Brain Dean’s Skyscraper Technique and 16 SEO Copywriting Tips, there’re a lot more to them than keyword research.

Your headline should grab attention, be unique, pique curiosity, be specific, communicate urgency and/or indicate usefulness.

(Bonus Tip: you don’t have to chuck the rest after you pick the winner. You may want to use one with more personality for your own website, and one that’s more straightforward for the version you post on LinkedIn Pulse. You can also repurpose a few others for social media graphics.)

Got a winner? Good! Now let’s move on…

2. Ask THE Google

Let’s reiterate… you’re the EXPERT so you’ve a pretty darn good idea of the authority sites and trusted sources in your topic.

(If you’re writing articles for niches you know nothing about to sell cantaloupe widgets just to make a quick buck, this may not be for you.)

Now pull up good ol’ Google and input a keyword or a phrase.

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